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Your World is Pink

You want to color your world pink now
Don’t you know your world already is pink
Fresh and new like a beautiful baby
The time to sit back and enjoy the pink is now
The time to bathe your body in the wet pink is now
You can warm your heart in the hot pink now too
Your world is not gray and it hasn’t been for many years
Your world surely isn’t red I took care of that myself
Nor are there greens or browns or whites in your world
There is only pink and pink alone
So take off those big dark glasses
And dip that beautiful face into the pink
And never ever be sad again – not while I’m alive

Sixty-one Years In The Real World

I saw God in my father’s eyes
On the white sands of Mexico
Standing on the shore in long jeans and sandals

Sixty-one years in the real world
Running in rivulets down his golden face

Sixty-one years in the real world
Bursting the seams of his strong red heart

Sixty-one years in the real world
Calloused into his ruddy hard hands

Sixty-one years in the real world
Behind his wire rimmed glasses

Sixty-one years in the real world
And I am only half the way there

Last Night at the World Center

The tears of a thousand broken lovers rolled down my back last night
The bitter wind cut through my sweater and into my heart cutting me low
The salty splashes froze along my spine and down into my black slacks

Now I understand Sam Cooke and his regret for leaving the church when he did
I miss hearing my father sharing the wrong stories with the right people
I miss his bony feet and his approving nod and his sweet smelling cigarettes

The distance between me and the car never changed no matter how fast I walked
Tail-lights of other cars moved soundlessly away from me getting smaller as they went
My fingers burned with love and loss and a memory of youth before it all fell down

The sun will come soon enough – like it always does
I’ll be home with my thoughts and my cat like I always am
I’ll be disconnected – not discontented – missing almost no one

Not one who expects too much of music
Not one who thinks the Marx Brothers were a band
Not one who got strangled by the past
Not one who forgot what friendship means
Not one who could make it better if things were different
Not one who forgets to notice the guy with the burning fingers

I’ll miss the old man again – like I always do on nights like this