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Many a night as I work out – sweating between my lover’s legs
My head becomes filled with pictures of you
I close my eyes and work and sweat
And my head is filled with pictures of you
You used to love another man
But I slept at night with pictures of you
I used to sleep at night with another woman
But you know my head was filled with pictures of you
But now my day is here
My pictures of you have all come to life
I feel you in my hand
A living picture in my hand
I taste you in my mouth
A sweet joyful taste of my living picture
I am not afraid to look at my pictures anymore
I am not afraid to hold my pictures anymore
I will not be afraid to tell you I love you
I will not be afraid to love you
With my pictures
I will not be afraid at all anymore

Mr. Phillies

Stubby finger caresses
the shot glass
vintage Phillies cap
contains the matted mane
more spaces less teeth
shriveled gums
sweat drips down his face
sweat drips down the bottle
soaking the cardboard coaster
cigarette burns stain
between the knuckles
My old lady never did love me

Your Surrender

Your torn shorts in a pile in the corner a sign of your surrender
You surrender your body to me on this matted old couch
Your feet firmly planted on the cold cement floor
My knees red from the friction caused the burlap covered cushions
My sweat drips into your innocent eyes burning them
But right now your mind is on something else
And your body is on something else
Your body is realizing pleasure while your mind is realizing your surrender.