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Another Story of Another Life

We are dragged into this circus called life
Forcefully ejected from the safety of the womb
We are given the gift of life
That is what they call it – a gift
At the first beat of our tiny hearts
We are given our first loss
To some it is a devastating loss that
buries them into their future
For others it is a challenge that
carries them into their future
And this is where the story of a life begins
The search for direction and focus
Direction is a road map
Focus is the ability to read it
The world is a big blue brittle ball
Without your map you can’t see the cracks
Without some kind of vision you will fall in
Direction and focus are not your birthright
No one will hand them to you tied up in a bow
They are both very elusive
But well worth the price–any price
Once you have found them–even a glimmer
You must cling to them with your entire soul
You must never lose sight of them
Or allow them to lose sight of you
If you know what you are looking for