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I Stand by Your Bedroom Window

I stand by your bedroom window
Watching the parade of men
The men who take to you there
The men who fill your body
The men who make you beg for more

I stand by your bedroom window
Watching the parade of men
The men who feed you there
The men who fill your mouth
The men who leave you hungry for more

I stand by your kitchen window
Watching the parade of women
The women who lick you
The women who eat you alive
The women who make you beg for more

Overtime Angel

Can you taste your juices on my tongue?
Like that violent candle lick up the walls
My sweat covers you and fills the small paneled room
And while the simplest nuance between us
Causes the heart inside of me to twist dangerously
Your moist breath fills my mouth
While your tongue explores that familiar place

The soft green glow from the digital clock
Is the only light we ever need when we are alone together
I can see your face and my sweat knows where to land
My body stiffens and you know what is happening
You know where it is all going – you know when it will get there
I will stay inside of you for as long as you let me
Because inside of you is where I belong

And now you sleep the sleep of an overtime angel
Soon I will rejoin you in that too soft bed
Soon I will crawl back into your arms and cry
I will cry myself to sleep again
And tomorrow when the sun comes through the window
I will go, sadly, from here but I will never
Forget what happened here tonight
What happened while the violent candle licked my overtime angel


In your world – you take lovers like candy
In my dreams – I take lovers like water
You dance from boy to man to boy
Kissing – licking – sucking – swallowing
I stagger from woman to girl to woman
Kissing – licking – fucking – cumming

In your world – you eat men alive
In my dreams – women hover over me
Protecting me from the ugliness of your world
While offering me my revenge against you

With A Twisted Spine

Who do you think about when the 400 pound man
lays his heavy thigh against your face?

And who will you cry for when the dog is howling
outside your dirty broken window?

And who will you call out for when winter kicks your ass
and the first breath of spring disrupts your menstrual cycle?

And who will be waiting to bend you over and lift
you up even with a twisted spine?