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On Congress Parkway

“Don’t look at my face!” she barked at me across the cold dry night
I couldn’t help myself – I looked at the hard, dry, cracked skin
There were no stains from errant tears on those withered cheeks
She hasn’t cried one salty tear since November 22, 1963

“Put the money right there” she pointed to a bag that smelled like death
She had no patience for another commuter trying to buy redemption for a dollar
I turned left on Financial Avenue and found my warm dry car before long
Damn the ones who taught me the need for salvation and the value of a dollar


The Distant Thunder

I was on Van Buren Street
When the sky opened up
Buckets of fresh love
Poured on unsuspecting faces
I thought about you
I want to share
This moment of redemption
Then it hit me like the distant thunder
You were but a merciful respite
You came and left too quickly