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This Property Was Condemned

The city street rolls up behind me as I head south on Kimball Avenue
The rolling pavement swallows up the San Juan Grocery and Amigo Foods
Crossing North Avenue southbound – Kimball turns into Homan Avenue
The complexion of the faces changes but the geography is generally unaltered
The broken glass in the second story window won’t protect the grimy Christmas lights
They still hang where they were last year before this property was condemned
Just up the street from the Dominoe Club: Private! Members Only! the sign reads
Across the street – Garfield Park looks inviting in the crisp cold December air
The Wilhelm Kroentgen Public School south of Madison Street used to nurture dreams
Now it has fallen victim to a bigger schoolyard bully – this one’s name is apathy
The Chicago Board of Education has discarded the old school away like a distant relative
The boarded up windows and the piles of broken glass report this is property condemned
The street unfolds before me as I continue south on Homan Avenue