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Peace on 51st Street

They’re calling for peace on 51st Street
From the Islamic Circle Center to Family Food and Liquor
Angry eyes shoot arrows at the unfamiliar moving eastbound on 51st Street
Bonila’s Tire Shop glows – a brick and mortar flame against the dying light
The El Shaddai Miracle Center is in need of a miracle and a bottle of Windex
The Universal Grocery has something for everyone under their royal blue awning
But Harold’s Chicken is still the last best hope for a piece on 51st Street these days
Repairer of the Breach is filled with promise but hope for the repairs seem unlikely
People sit on milk crates that support their weight but neglect their dreams
Someone whispered in my ear about peace on 51st Street
I can only hold out hope for Harold and his amazing chicken.

Humble Thanks

Midnight 9/12/01

The evening sky is that dangerous shade of mauve streaked with muted blue
Airplane lights flicker soundlessly in the distance passing over the city
Heaven just got a fresh batch of immigrants who will be looking for safe harbor
Somewhere the man who was late for work yesterday is holding his children tighter
Who is going to explain this to the children?  Who is going to make them understand?

The strongest of nations is suffocating – choking on its own fear for the first time
And the baseball season wasn’t quite over here – one symbol to push back in their faces
Heaven better start making up some rooms because they can’t keep the new folks waiting
In a classroom in an old school building a young woman struggles to keep her eyes dry
Who is going to explain this to the children? Who is going to teach them healing?

The night is wrapping the city in a shroud of darkness – a calming but eerie darkness
The prayers of the generations of tribes float skyward on the billows of black smoke
Heaven is a place where family will wait for you until your time finally comes
In a small house on your street a child falls to his tender knees and offers humble thanks
Who is going to explain this to him? Who is going to explain this to me?