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Now I am mostly tired

I don’t miss anyone who walked away
I don’t believe in miracles anymore

I caught my soul on a crescent moon
And I tugged a little harder than I should have

I was strong – until I wasn’t
Now I am mostly tired

Standing alone amongst the smoldering embers
An absurd superhero in a black and white melodrama

Standing along amongst the smoldering embers
Another long lost hot dog forgotten on a holiday grill

I am standing here with my chin up
And my finger in the air like I just don’t care

I just don’t care is the lie
I just keep selling to myself

Westbound on North Avenue

There is a crescent moon hanging over Wicker Park
It is like a pregnant tear drop bursting with sadness
The awkward mating rituals continue fueled by alcohol
And by a day too long in the summer sun
North Avenue is quiet for a Friday night
North Avenue is quiet for the only perfect night in memory
These spirits aren’t even from here – but they want to be
That will have to be good enough for them
On this perfect Friday on North Avenue in Wicker Park
Floating past the melancholy crescent moon