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Sixty-one Years In The Real World

I saw God in my father’s eyes
On the white sands of Mexico
Standing on the shore in long jeans and sandals

Sixty-one years in the real world
Running in rivulets down his golden face

Sixty-one years in the real world
Bursting the seams of his strong red heart

Sixty-one years in the real world
Calloused into his ruddy hard hands

Sixty-one years in the real world
Behind his wire rimmed glasses

Sixty-one years in the real world
And I am only half the way there

alone and cold

more later
it is 2:30 in the morning
tonight’s girl is Maribel
i can still smell her on me
one dance and i smell like her

when you come here
no expectations
no disasters
two souls colliding over a drink
and a guitar
arranging words on a page

so much ebbs away
and we watch it
and it goes

tonight was all work
and one slow dance
and her hips said hello

tomorrow is all work
and no dance
and her name would be Maribel

and I will sleep
alone and cold
alone and cold
and send a small verse to Texas
like a sparrow
or an old show on the
telephone line

g’night Mrs. Calabash
wherever you are…

Forever Moment

Tormented shell of beauty
Eyes that avert all contact
Love as elusive as smoke
Even if you catch it you can’t hold it

Tormented grasp at beauty
Shallow pallor like old porcelain
Honesty to the pain point
Even if you hear it you don’t believe it

Tormented look at beauty
Gone from my eyes not from my mind
One forever moment caught in time
Even if you found her you would surely lose her

Boquitas Pindatas

(The Dream)

The little painted mouths
Decry the betrayal
Thrust upon them
Their normally dulcet tones
Shriek bloodless echoes

The salt from their tears
Streaks the perfect red paint
La Sueno! La Sueno! La Muerte!

Their throats are raw
Still they cry
Their arms unfurled
Faces to the sky
La Sueno! La Muerte!

The little painted mouths
Twisted in a violent frown
Decry the betrayal
To the blood red moon