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Forever Moment

Tormented shell of beauty
Eyes that avert all contact
Love as elusive as smoke
Even if you catch it you can’t hold it

Tormented grasp at beauty
Shallow pallor like old porcelain
Honesty to the pain point
Even if you hear it you don’t believe it

Tormented look at beauty
Gone from my eyes not from my mind
One forever moment caught in time
Even if you found her you would surely lose her


In Belmont Gardens

She said she was there to forget the one she lost last winter
She looked like she lost more since then but she couldn’t remember
I would have bought her a drink or two – but her lazy eye was making me dizzy
So I went back to the table and told a joke that wasn’t as funny as I had remembered

I come here because it is where I hang my hope on a rusty, broken hook
There is nothing for me anywhere else and at least they know my name here
I could have used another drink or two – but I couldn’t find a thick-wallet sucker
So I asked the girl serving drinks if she had some golden love – or maybe a friend for me

She smiled at me under the pale penumbra of the hazy streetlight
I didn’t care if she remembered me or thought I was her pimp or pusher
She and I danced one night and everything was electric and golden for a minute
So I went back to my old car and put on some music from when life was better for me