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Standing In The Rain

Standing in the rain
Confidence by my side
Watching the magic changes
My hair falling into my eyes
Singing the magic changes
I look up to see an angel’s face
I didn’t know angels had red hair
But I guess that makes sense

Standing in the sun
Confidence in my hands
Watching the magic moment
The sun is burning my eyes
Confidence is singing out loud
Singing this magic moment
I look around and see an angel’s face
I don’t understand how this started
But I know that it is okay

Standing in the rain
Confidence in the car
Knowing it’s twilight time
The rain feels good
Confidence is sleeping
It’s twilight time
I look at you and see and angel’s face
I never realized how beautiful you are
But I think I always knew


In The Morning with My Sister

I never realized how much magic amazes me
The quickest sleight of hand makes my pulse race
I always want to know how it works
But I am always let down once I do
I remembered this one morning
After seeing my sister do the ring trick
I ran my fingers through my hair
And went in search of the elusive cigarette

She told me that she doesn’t know how to get out
I told her that there was only one way
She cocked her head and looked at me
I told her that I only have three friends
Four she said and kissed my cheek
I turned my back and walked toward my car
I never asked for any of this
I’ve lived this night before
A twisted martyr scene on my father’s front lawn
The neighbors at the windows tittering nervously
Now alone, in a dark vast parking lot
Wishing that it was over but knowing that it isn’t

If the world ended tomorrow
Who would miss what?
How much would they miss?
It’s only words that testify-mystify-mollify
Words that roll around on your tongue
That soften with saliva
That feel good against your teeth
But if they get diluted by thin air
Will they ever be realized?
Who would miss them?
How much would they be missed?