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The Hero

I am like the angel-savior guy – he said to me
He was standing in line at the liquor store
He hoisted his twelve-pack of babysitting fluid
off of the counter and under his arm
It’s like I can take his kid to the park and buy him a hamburger
That’s going to have impact his life – on both their lives

The bottles were sweating inside the cardboard case
But I gotta use his phone – man – that’s how I work
I work with a lot of paper and stuff and the telephone
But I want to be a hero to this guy and his kid
If his kid recognizes me when I get there tonight
I’ll be the hero for the whole family

Starlight Serenade

The evening sky is our lovers’ orchestra
Each beam of light from each star
Carries our dreams up to heaven
And back down into your eyes
The sounds that fill the air are ours
The sounds of my lips against your shoulder
The sound of sparks when you touch my skin

In a box next to the wooden porch swing
Is the life that I am going to live with you
It is a small box but it is brimming with us
I love the way that you are careful
To not overturn the box because of what’s inside
You said that you love the way I am careful
Because I know about losing too
So we swing carefully
And listen to the starlight serenade
And anything that could ever hurt us
Is carried away on the smoke
Of my last cigarette for the night

A life can spiral out of control downward at a rapid pace

A life can spiral out of control downward at a rapid pace
Then it is reduced to a smudged and wrinkled George Washington
Slipped absently across a bar – one more can of Old Style

There was no next of kin when they broke the doors down
Someone said he had a son – a son in a band
“Listen to my son’s music,” he beckoned from his weathered barstool

The barstool is empty now – it will soon be reassigned
Some other life – some other meager existence
Will take over the last of the barstools without an owner.

The rest of us will watch in wonder – sometimes in horror
We will hope that we aren’t found days later by bar buddies
We pray our friends would never let that happen