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Now I am mostly tired

I don’t miss anyone who walked away
I don’t believe in miracles anymore

I caught my soul on a crescent moon
And I tugged a little harder than I should have

I was strong – until I wasn’t
Now I am mostly tired

Standing alone amongst the smoldering embers
An absurd superhero in a black and white melodrama

Standing along amongst the smoldering embers
Another long lost hot dog forgotten on a holiday grill

I am standing here with my chin up
And my finger in the air like I just don’t care

I just don’t care is the lie
I just keep selling to myself

Thoughts about a thing that didn’t happen

It was a lie and he knew it but it felt good
So he let it come into the room and dance
Around and pinch all the boys and kiss all
The girls and it didn’t make anyone cry

Still it was a lie and lies are never harmless
They are never sensitive and they don’t care
About you and they don’t care about me but
Sometimes we still let them into the room

A lie can come back and hurt you a second
Time like cheap vodka or cigarette without
A filter that burns so sweet going down but
Not so good never so good coming back up