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Thursday Night in the Library on the Phone

The phone kept ringing
I knew I had dialed the wrong number
But I let it ring anyway

The voice that answered was a dead man’s voice
A friend of my father – recently deceased
He didn’t seem to mind the intrusion
But I hung up the phone nonetheless
Anxiously eyeing the redial button

Was the man of God back among us as promised
Or had the cancer really taken him away
I felt guilty for thinking about it
To ever have a thought like that at all
But I couldn’t help myself

When all around me got quiet
I redialed the phone using the right number
And when I got your machine I swallowed my voice
And left a message speaking as clearly as I could

It is almost a White Christmas

It is almost a White Christmas
Behind the old library where
I used to go when I needed to be somewhere

I never needed to be somewhere
More than I do tonight
But the library is closed
And all of the children are blurry-eyed

It is almost a white christmas
Tuesday night opera is on the radio
I need the heat up and the volume down

I remember when I needed the heat up
As much as I do tonight
I turn the radio down
Korsakov can make me a careless driver