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In your world – you take lovers like candy
In my dreams – I take lovers like water
You dance from boy to man to boy
Kissing – licking – sucking – swallowing
I stagger from woman to girl to woman
Kissing – licking – fucking – cumming

In your world – you eat men alive
In my dreams – women hover over me
Protecting me from the ugliness of your world
While offering me my revenge against you

I Was Remembering Again

I was remembering a night
In the ratty moldy $80-a-month apartment
The Zenith stereo-light to guide us
The texture of the ancient hide-a-bed
Scratched your perfect skin
Red patches rising on your elbows and thighs
Your damp breath feeding me – intoxicating me
I pulled the straps of your overalls
Just past your shoulders
Inching up that vibrant orange shirt
The purity of your skin against my dark hands
Made me tremble
You lost your delicate fingers
In the hair on my chest and stomach
The record album came to an end
The needle lifted off and slipped back into the holder
You kissed me again – deeper – wetter
I had to stop – sit up smoke a cigarette
Sitting on that couch – your hand on my back
The smoke trailing up into the cobwebs
I was the king – that night I was the king