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Don’t Buy the Dead Man’s Bass

Everybody is six-foot two and gorgeous – simply gorgeous
Except for me and Buzz but we just came in
To waste some time
We just came in – maybe to buy a guitar
Mostly to stay out of the rain

We sat in the cramped music room in the tiny music store
I sat and played scales on the electric bass
Buzz stood in the doorway scanning an escape route
She sat in an overstuffed glider chair and began to cry
Her round chest and head hitched and bobbed
She recounted faceless John’s untimely demise

“His mother came in and bought that,”
She pointed a Vienna-sausage finger
At the bass I was playing
A cheap black copy of a better model
“Paid in full, she did.”

“Of course I gave her a full refund,” she said as she wept
“What could I do? He was so young.
He was six-foot two and gorgeous – simply gorgeous.”

I stood up slowly and eased the bass back into the rack
Buzz bid a quick but polite retreat back out the front door
The rain would have to be more comfortable than this