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I was just trying to love you

When we were together there were nights in our bed
I listened to your breathing – shallow nearly still
Once I was sure you were breathing
Sleep could come over me peacefully
I couldn’t imagine life without you

The days that you didn’t call back fast enough
I worried that something happened
You are not a very good driver
The physical distance was difficult
You never understood my tone
You thought I was checking up on you
You thought trying to control you
I was just trying to love you

You’re gone from my life now
You buried the hatchet of finality
You did exactly what we all expected

I sleep alone now in my bed
I listen for my own breathing
Sleep comes over me peacefully
I don’t worry about your driving
I don’t wait for you to call
I don’t even think about you anymore

Then You Walked Away

The music goes around and around your once sweaty head – your hair now icicles
And you stand here with one thought dripping unevenly from your tongue
Your mind feels like a bad mistake you can’t take back now – a punch line they never got
Tonight for a brief shard in your fractured timetable you were – that’s all; you were
She brought it all back to you and them before you said good-bye – before the snow
Then you walked away – leaving her in the big red room with laughs and rum but not you
Then you walked away – leaving her in the winter night that meant so little to so many

The music goes round and round and you are alone and she is alone – you walked away