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I remember who you are now
That summer day out behind the house
I was probably in my early twenties
You were probably in your early teens
A little girl in a woman’s body
But your mind was not in synch – not yet
You mind was busy trying to grow up
Your body seems to have grown up already
I stayed on the porch with my friends
None of them seemed to notice you

If they saw you today they surely would
Everything is finally in synch
The balance has clearly been achieved
I guess I’ll stay on the porch though
This time I’ll stay there alone
It is much safer up here – safer for the both of us

The Living Dead and Little Girl Blue

The living dead
and little girl blue
in the supermarket
holding hands
and pricing frozen foods
holding tightly
to acne fantasies
and days of discipline
The living dead
pushes the cart
while little girl blue
down the aisle

All That You Give

I see your value in all that you give
Still I see that my softness scares you
This image of a man who will push you
A man who will punish you
That is so much easier for you to deal with
The little girl thinks she has done wrong
She needs to be spanked – pinched
I speak softly and that upsets you
You are the angel – the nightingale
I have come to worship at your temple
My palms will brush up against you
While I caress away the fear and the dirt that has collected on your skin
But it is you who forces your way through another dismal attempt
To get back – at least – all that you accustomed your life to