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On a Rooftop in Cicero

Because a lifetime ago something happened on a rooftop in Cicero
And no one ever really got the whole story
So we filled in the blanks ourselves
Ours was a much better story anyway
It was all about this guy one summer night on a rooftop in Cicero
His mother was taking him back to where he came from

When he saw her face in the drunken haze of the shameful moon
He wanted to push her off of that rooftop in Cicero
She moaned and reached for his throat as she opened her eyes
There is some truth here – some of this story is true
She looked in the eyes of her own son and didn’t know what to do

Now his oldest son looks just like his best friend
It is uncanny how much his kid looks like his oldest friend
No one here seems to want to talk out loud about it

September 1, 2013

The stars came out tonight for you – they came out for you but you were gone
So I was left with my old cat and some cold beer and a pen and paper

I lost my glasses between the words and the beer
And could only think about how sad that someone else saw your stars
They were delicate like you – and quiet – and sweet – like you

It was the rain that ended the night – that turned off the music
It was a brief rain – but with lasting effect both cooling and sad
The pink clouds in the grey sky betrayed us but only after love and music
The sky crashed down and washed away the heat rising from our fingers
The sky crashed down and washed away the love rising in my throat

I saw the stars tonight – I saw each one and counted them
I drank another beer – then another and counted every star I could see
I rubbed the old cat behind her ears the way she likes me to
Then I wrote this down and I will never share it with you – but I wrote it for me

That has to be good enough – it is good enough for me and the stars
It’s good enough for the old cat and for anyone else who saw your stars but not you

It Was a Day for Airplanes

For Van

It was a day for airplanes when the sky was so blue it seemed dishonest
Two old friends counting the seconds from a life they carved with love
Around them – and the airplanes – the diversion known as life raged on
The two little lights illuminated the setting sun sky and offered secure landing

It was a day for airplanes when the black dogs kicked up lazy tufts of grass
Two old friends recalled the paths they chose that lead them to this runway
In the distance lightning and thunder danced their tempestuous tango
The two little lights illuminated the darkest corners of the perilous flight pattern

It was a day for airplanes when the symphony of the laughter filled the air
Two old friends touching two young hearts like they promised they would
In the house – love was surrendered by love and spread out on the table for everyone
The two little lights illuminated the horizon as the airplanes touched safely down

We Are All Supermen

For J.S.

We are all supermen
What we do
And how we do
Makes us all supermen

And I love you
For being my friend
And I thank you
For what I have learned

Because of you
I am superman
Because of what we share
I am superman

Because of what I have become
You are superman

We are all supermen