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Juggling Smoke

Very suddenly and very directly
The cold wind shut me up
Like I came down with yesterday’s rain
Like a plug opened in my head
And all of what I am ran out of me

I stood there sweating and aching
Not at all sure what to do
But I couldn’t speak
And I couldn’t hear
And I could hardly see

It was like I was juggling smoke
Right hand over left hand
The smoke never returning
Each breath scorched my lungs
And I was helpless to cry out
My voice had left me
Carried off on each cloud of smoke
Never to return

Summer is Upon Us

I heard there was a fire in the laundry room of my building last Tuesday
A dead white cat in the dumpster is not the best notice for next of kin

Standing in the dirty sunlight I watch for the mail carrier – discussing Elvis movies
The little guy swears Ann-Margaret is only in one – I say two – he’s the savant

His hair is perfect but the sides of his mustache don’t reach the sides of his mouth
It makes me itch – I haven’t combed my hair since last night and he doesn’t care

The old Mexican ice cream vendors are trying to tempt the high school girls who are
Trying to tempt the high school boys who tempt each other with hair gel and heroics

This would be the perfect time for a cigarette – a cigarette and a story about the old man
I walk back up the stairs empty handed – the mail isn’t coming but summer is upon us

Pulling Close Holding Hard

Whenever I look at you
The white-hot sparks blind me
I have to close my eyes
All that I have dreamed about
Has come to me
And its body shudders
And it pulls me close
And it holds me hard

Whenever I touch you
The white-hot sparks burn my fingers
I have to hide my blistered hands
All that I wanted of us
Is finally here
We weren’t even ready
But it pulls me closer
And it holds me hard

Whenever our lips meet
The white-hot sparks blind me
I have to close my eyes
All that I’ve waited for
Has finally come
And my body shudders
As it holds me harder
And it pulls me closer