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After Phil’s Party

There is something deceiving about how the stark snow-whipped highway
Pulls me away from the safety of your arms – the warm of your embrace
There is a lie in her eyes – in the sparkling streetlights that guide me home
They promise me safe passage but what they deliver is distance between us

The heater in my car dries my lips making them sting and crack
Music pours out of the stereo not so much mollifying as stupefying me
Someone else found the words – the keys to unlock what I need to say to you
If I tried to speak now – you would laugh – and I wouldn’t blame you

My soul feels like that bending spread of Interstate 94 heading into the city
It is lonely tonight and cold and no one seems to notice it – not tonight
You could have taken a minute or an hour or whatever time you wanted
The road would have waited for you like she always does – and always will