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And She Wept

She died of a broken heart which really isn’t new these days
But that doesn’t make it hurt any less
While she slept – dreaming of new carpets and laundry rooms
The angels came they hoisted her up under her arms
They took flight up past the clouds – past the stars
Upward and upward they soared until her weight was too much for them
They deposited her at the foot of God’s throne – her broken heart in her hand
And she wept

Somewhere in Heaven Tonight

Somewhere in heaven tonight
On the head of a pin on God’s pin cushion
Johnny is dancing with the angels
He’s got his radio in his hand
He’s got his hair combed back
He’s got his dancing shoes tied real tight
And he’s dancing

All the angels love Johnny
And Johnny loves all of them
And Johnny’s happy there
On the head of a pin on God’s pin cushion
Somewhere in heaven tonight

Thoughts of Freedom

The cold black night that once caressed me
Now rejects me in your eyes
And in the sideways glance
of the thick-wristed girls leaning restlessly on the bar

Where there was once the safety of the piercing stars
Lighting my way through the refuse into the hungry night
Now there lies broken shards of the early spring moon
Scattered about the meadow from God’s hand to my heart
The last vestige of a fragmented paradigm lingers on my tongue

The taste is foul but familiar
The taste is foul – but safe – for me
The thin-fingered hand pushes me out
Alone into the cold black night
Where I am deceived by my own thoughts of freedom

This Property Was Condemned

The city street rolls up behind me as I head south on Kimball Avenue
The rolling pavement swallows up the San Juan Grocery and Amigo Foods
Crossing North Avenue southbound – Kimball turns into Homan Avenue
The complexion of the faces changes but the geography is generally unaltered
The broken glass in the second story window won’t protect the grimy Christmas lights
They still hang where they were last year before this property was condemned
Just up the street from the Dominoe Club: Private! Members Only! the sign reads
Across the street – Garfield Park looks inviting in the crisp cold December air
The Wilhelm Kroentgen Public School south of Madison Street used to nurture dreams
Now it has fallen victim to a bigger schoolyard bully – this one’s name is apathy
The Chicago Board of Education has discarded the old school away like a distant relative
The boarded up windows and the piles of broken glass report this is property condemned
The street unfolds before me as I continue south on Homan Avenue

Kato is dead

Kato is dead and Van Williams is not happy
Neither is Van Morrison nor Jim Morrison
Not to mention Jim Nabors or my neighbors
But my neighbors are always mad
Because I wear my music too loud
And my dogs too
But that’s the way I like them
I like my music loud
I like my dogs loud
I like Jim and Van Morrison
I don’t care about Jim Nabors
I like the Green Hornet
But it really is a shame that Kato is dead

Late February Dreams

The dreams have come through in vivid living color
Great men who have touched my life who have gone
One man is fishing in the summer sun – a smile as wide as a mother’s love
Another man with books – a stack of books reaching him there in heaven
The third man at peace with his wife and son – like a snapshot on an autumn day
The dreams fill the night sky with joy wrapped in melancholy
I awake with the shade down and the prayer that I said everything I should have

The dreams play silently as though I am underwater
Great friends who I have loved or who have loved me
One woman lays with me – face down – in a butter yellow sweater
One man holds a baby high above his head – not a sacrifice – but sanctified
One woman wears too many layers of too many colors defying the springtime hue
The dreams careen across the night sky carrying me from this humble world
I awake with the shade over my eyes and the knowledge that I can say every thing I need

Leaving Lookout Mountain

There was a single star in the Tennessee sky
We followed it north to Nashville
And then on toward Bowling Green
Before we moved on homeward – Chicago
Still my heart is winding around that scenic route
Flying off of Missionary Ridge
And bouncing back toward lookout mountain
Like the union soldiers did 100 years before my birth

I am charging up the side of that mountain
And like a good confederate soldiers
I leave a part of myself up on that mountain

Now I search the autumn Chicago sky
To find that lone Tennessee star
If only to let her know
That I have not forgotten her
And that I will be back to see her
As soon as I possibly can