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Thursday Night in the Library on the Phone

The phone kept ringing
I knew I had dialed the wrong number
But I let it ring anyway

The voice that answered was a dead man’s voice
A friend of my father – recently deceased
He didn’t seem to mind the intrusion
But I hung up the phone nonetheless
Anxiously eyeing the redial button

Was the man of God back among us as promised
Or had the cancer really taken him away
I felt guilty for thinking about it
To ever have a thought like that at all
But I couldn’t help myself

When all around me got quiet
I redialed the phone using the right number
And when I got your machine I swallowed my voice
And left a message speaking as clearly as I could

The Thief

The guy says his folks pay the bills
They have been dead ten years come Christmas
The checks from the government never stopped
The guy thought he had a right to them
He always talks into his hand about his little games
How he steals money because he is a thief
Still he claims to be an innocent man
That claim does not exonerate him his petty crimes
I want to smash him – to smash his face
Kick his balls up into his throat
For every trusting dollar he stole
But I can bear no sincere ill will
He never lied to me