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Good-bye Old Man

(for Charles Bukowski)

Good-bye old man
Good-bye old drunk fuck
Mr. Chinaski to his friends
The Suicide Kid
The original Barfly
Looks nothing at all like Mickey Rourke
Good-bye you dirty old pervert
Using your ugly old dick
as a metaphor for your ugly old life
Good-bye to the man who screamed from the balcony
that he was insane enough to live with beasts
The man who made sense out of feeling alone
The man who brought cold dogs to the courtyard
The man who caught my heart in his hands
The ugly – pock marked postal worker
Who lived in the shadow of a rose

You know that heaven has no room for you
And your decadence and perversion
And hell is just a little too tame for you
I wonder where you’ll go now
Probably back to San Francisco