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The Blood Stays on Your Lips

It’s all about circumventing tangential thinking
and pushing your way past the Jim Beam
and realizing that if you had something to say
If anyone was going to listen it would have happened by now

But you keep talking
You keep trying to say something
And no one is listening and you are not able to stop
You are forced by your spirit to move forward

You dig your teeth into the crumbling flesh
and escape with a mouthful of Fuck you Charlie
so you spit it out but the blood stays on your lips
you wipe your mouth on your sleeve
but nothing is ever the same again

Tonight She Smiled

She haunts me like an empty promise I made in 1988
When I was better than them – better than you
And the empty promises poured out like blood from a severed tongue

She returns – again – pirouetting savagely through the dirty snow
Tonight she smiled – lips becoming daggers to gently pierce me
And the blood pours out like a sad story that doesn’t have a conclusion

She reminds me of what I sacrificed in myself for empty words softly spoken
When she was better than me – better than you – better than I ever deserved
And her love poured and over washed me like blood from a punctured beating heart