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Walk Me Through Your Peru

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s morn
Where the distant echo of the trumpet
From the wrinkled trunk of the massive
Invisible elephant fills your soul
Bringing you back to greasepaint and dreams
Bringing you back to calliopes and sawdust

Take me beyond the crushed peanut shells
And the sticky sweet smells of caramel corn and candied apples
And the haze of danger looming overhead without a net

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s afternoon
Show me the bountiful table with golden fried chicken
And corn-on-the-cob that glistens and green beans so fresh they snap
Corn bread with some lumps in it – gravy with none
And a tall cold glass of milk

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s evening
Deliver me at last to the star-filled night
Where we lie on our backs and connect the constellations
You hand in my hand – my heart in your hand
On our backs in the tall grass – gazing up to the heavens
Gazing up from your Peru

Strength and Beauty

(for J.H. at Water Tower Park
Wednesday, March 13, 2002)

On the stairs of the Water Tower
A symbol of strength and beauty
We sat and talked for just a minute or two
Nervous – I sipped my dying cup of coffee
Around us the beautiful people mingled and moved
She is of that world – the beautiful people world
Even in my own city – I have been a stranger to that world
Until today – until the cool early spring moment
When we she sat down next to me on those cold stairs
And she remembered my words and what they meant
I’m grateful that she shared her strength and beauty with me
There on the stairs of the Water Tower
A symbol of strength and beauty

Beauty Begins

for Cindy…

She has never had any idea just how beautiful she is. Everything about her radiates goodness and warmth and draws us all closer to her even as she undertakes the simplest task.
Her eyes hold stories of generations of love and sacrifice. The brilliant spectacle of joy that has never known boundaries, a limitless love that brings us all closer together and makes us all feel safe.
Within her eyes lives the answers to the questions that would forever go unspoken by mortal men. The answers interlocked with the greater truths. The truths that we can only begin to perceive.
She doesn’t realize that her beauty is pure and springs from a place that many have hoped to see, but few will ever understand. From a place that stays just beyond the borders of those dreams that we remember when the morning light peaks into our windows.
There have been times, many times, when we have tried to comprehend, to label, to delineate her beauty, if only to force it to make sense to us for a fleeting moment. Somehow, her beauty has too many dimensions, too many levels, and we walk way scratching our heads, our souls unfulfilled.
She has never had any idea just how beautiful she is. We have tried to tell her, to show, her but she won’t hear it. This, I think, is where her beauty begins.