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Walk Me Through Your Peru

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s morn
Where the distant echo of the trumpet
From the wrinkled trunk of the massive
Invisible elephant fills your soul
Bringing you back to greasepaint and dreams
Bringing you back to calliopes and sawdust

Take me beyond the crushed peanut shells
And the sticky sweet smells of caramel corn and candied apples
And the haze of danger looming overhead without a net

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s afternoon
Show me the bountiful table with golden fried chicken
And corn-on-the-cob that glistens and green beans so fresh they snap
Corn bread with some lumps in it – gravy with none
And a tall cold glass of milk

Walk me through your Peru on a summer’s evening
Deliver me at last to the star-filled night
Where we lie on our backs and connect the constellations
You hand in my hand – my heart in your hand
On our backs in the tall grass – gazing up to the heavens
Gazing up from your Peru

Love is brutal she said

Love is brutal she said
Like a big knotted fist
In the mouth of a baby

If I can’t kiss you
Let the fist do its worst
Love will break your teeth for you

Love digs into your skin she said
Like that old kitchen appliance
That splits your tender fingertips

If I can’t touch you
I have no use for these fingertips
Love will split them for all they’re worth

alone and cold

more later
it is 2:30 in the morning
tonight’s girl is Maribel
i can still smell her on me
one dance and i smell like her

when you come here
no expectations
no disasters
two souls colliding over a drink
and a guitar
arranging words on a page

so much ebbs away
and we watch it
and it goes

tonight was all work
and one slow dance
and her hips said hello

tomorrow is all work
and no dance
and her name would be Maribel

and I will sleep
alone and cold
alone and cold
and send a small verse to Texas
like a sparrow
or an old show on the
telephone line

g’night Mrs. Calabash
wherever you are…