Monthly Archives: September 2019

Daytona/El Paso

Hatred is the victor in this never ending war on humanity
This is where we find our country has been cleaved in two
On the right hand is the power to minimize hate at this moment
On the left hand is a lack of understanding about the power

Hatred will come at you over and over again
Hatred wears masks of – sometimes – familiar faces
You still think there’s nothing you can do about it

We will send thoughts and prayers to the dead
We will send healing power and condolences to the survivors
These things – alone – did nothing for anyone – anywhere – ever

The only way to crush hatred is through action
Men have made a fortune on the back of hatred

They are not going to put an end to that revenue stream
They will not look away from the hatred
Until claims is one of their own

We have to force the hands of these greedy demons
We have to reclaim the safety of our churches and our schools
We have to use power – not peace – to find our way home