Old Town: Today

Still trying to figure out why Old Town still smells of piss and Fritos
The whites with the greens tried to erase the blacks
But they couldn’t eradicate the smell of piss and Fritos
This isn’t Bucktown – where the smell is more integral to the scene
This is Old Town which hardly seems as old today as it once was
Everything relevant that once made this neighborhood sing is gone
Everything relevant has been replaced by shitty bars and golden arches

When we were kids our parents would take us to visit this exotic land
People – unlike our neighbors – strutted about like dirty peacocks
People – unlike our neighbors – crept into the littered alleys at dusk
Back then – none of us noticed the smell of piss and Fritos as much
We were kids – we were visual – we were amazed
Now a couple generations and everything amazing removed
I have to wonder why old Town still smells like piss and Fritos.


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