Living With Love

For Cindy

The world still dangles precariously by a thin golden thread called trust
That slim strand of our soulful existence is fed by love and it feeds love too
Trust is a basic necessity for building a house we can live in living with love

Love is a question that hangs on steamy breath of the dark boy under the light in the alley
Each moment he stands – the winter wind cutting through his flesh to his fragile bones
Is an eternity that he wouldn’t trade for all the warmth that would improve his condition

Love is hard cold fact that doesn’t always deliver on the promise but can’t be refuted
Each layer pulled back reveals more power but – surely – less certainty; still we peel
We have an eternity to unravel this conundrum if we can’t or won’t give into it out of trust

I saw a picture of a child – uncertainty swimming wildly in the tranquil pools of her eyes
She was sure that love – love for her – was in the room if she could find it soon enough
Because love can leave a room as easily and quietly as it enters if you don’t lock the door


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