The Old Penguin on Memorial Day Weekend

The rain was not that aggressive – but the old penguin held the umbrella with conviction
Summer was coming fast but not soon enough for a nine-year old boy
This old penguin had one wild hair jutting out of the small flesh knot on her upper lip
She was sadder than I had ever seen adult – she always seemed sad
Didn’t anyone ever tell her that penguins are supposed to be happy?
They’re married to Jesus and that is better than being married to Mr. Geinowski.
Mr. Geinowski is a butcher so being married to him has to be pretty good
But I don’t think it would be as good as being married to Jesus
Even if you have to share him with the other penguins
I just wanted to see her smile once before I left for the long weekend
Even if only to see that wild hair wave in the breeze


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