You’re Incorrigible the Fat Mexican Lady Said

You’re incorrigible the fat Mexican lady said
The fat, dark-eyed hamster-cheeked Mexican lady
A young white girl turned her head to see who was incorrigible
She peeped a little peep when she saw it was the gutter boy
The gutter boy was making good again in a new place

After the December storm he walked out of the clouds smiling
He’s pretty much out of the gutter now
But you never really are
You can put on buck leather loafers and a bolo tie
But you can never really get out of the gutter

His past is so far behind him – and all of the angels are gone
But he never gave up – he just never did
Now he’s incorrigible – maybe insatiable – maybe just hungry
Either way he’ll find a new angle

He will try one more time
Like he’s tried before a million times before
And maybe – just maybe – he’ll get out of the gutter
Even if only for a little while

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