To the Window Washer on Addison Street in the Snow

Red knit Chicago Bulls hat pulled low and a tan corduroy jacket
He don’t know nothin’ bout no Saint Paddy – no how
Today is another day for work – those windows ain’t gonna wash themselves

Money is hard – too hard for a green hat and a green shirt and some green beer
There’s babies at home and school and bread and peanut butter and soap
Don’t understand a day they celebrate a girl peeing in the alley behind a 7-11

Don’t nobody work no more?

The snow came without warning and everyone is shivering in their leggings
Sweet Swinging Billy Williams and Ron Santo are not even fazed by the cold white swirl
This snow is gonna be real bad for business – who wants to look out into that
Catch the Red Line home and there might be time for the news or a ball game or the lottery numbers

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