Late February Dreams

The dreams have come through in vivid living color
Great men who have touched my life who have gone
One man is fishing in the summer sun – a smile as wide as a mother’s love
Another man with books – a stack of books reaching him there in heaven
The third man at peace with his wife and son – like a snapshot on an autumn day
The dreams fill the night sky with joy wrapped in melancholy
I awake with the shade down and the prayer that I said everything I should have

The dreams play silently as though I am underwater
Great friends who I have loved or who have loved me
One woman lays with me – face down – in a butter yellow sweater
One man holds a baby high above his head – not a sacrifice – but sanctified
One woman wears too many layers of too many colors defying the springtime hue
The dreams careen across the night sky carrying me from this humble world
I awake with the shade over my eyes and the knowledge that I can say every thing I need


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