I Am

I am what is – moreover – what will be
The beginning of the end for all who come after me
I am the father of the hopeless bastards
Who rise up daily – for no clear reason
I am the brother of the working class
Who rise up angry – the reason all too clear

I am the bastard son
of untempered rage
and of untapped sexuality

I broke Nina Simone’s heart
Loved her and left her – her beauty lost on me
I kicked Kerouac’s ass
On the road – litter on the highway
I created Oswald
To give anger a face – innocence becomes irrelevant

I seduced my generation
Only to leave them gagging on their own mediocrity

I seized my country
Slapping it full in the face my own personal wake-up call

I attacked the free world
Kicking it in the chin jarring loose any non-believers

I am in your dreams
on your breath
in your soul

I am the one you cry out for in the night
I am the one that disrupts your cycle
I am the one who defines your existence

I have always been and will always be


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