Beauty Begins

for Cindy…

She has never had any idea just how beautiful she is. Everything about her radiates goodness and warmth and draws us all closer to her even as she undertakes the simplest task.
Her eyes hold stories of generations of love and sacrifice. The brilliant spectacle of joy that has never known boundaries, a limitless love that brings us all closer together and makes us all feel safe.
Within her eyes lives the answers to the questions that would forever go unspoken by mortal men. The answers interlocked with the greater truths. The truths that we can only begin to perceive.
She doesn’t realize that her beauty is pure and springs from a place that many have hoped to see, but few will ever understand. From a place that stays just beyond the borders of those dreams that we remember when the morning light peaks into our windows.
There have been times, many times, when we have tried to comprehend, to label, to delineate her beauty, if only to force it to make sense to us for a fleeting moment. Somehow, her beauty has too many dimensions, too many levels, and we walk way scratching our heads, our souls unfulfilled.
She has never had any idea just how beautiful she is. We have tried to tell her, to show, her but she won’t hear it. This, I think, is where her beauty begins.

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