There was so much I had to say

There was so much I had to say as I watched the people move
But the beer and the prayers and the dreams all got in the way
Or was it me standing there in front of what is good for me
I can’t imagine that – but my buddy never showed and I hate cheaters

She asked me if I was there with friends and I choked on that idea
There are people I like – or love – or respect but I have no faith in friendship
These neon green lights penetrate the silence that forced itself into the night
Like a fat humming bird pushing its way into the sugar water feeder

There isn’t much left of me that isn’t singed or bruised my own hand
The SONS have gotten me through more than I can explain here and again tonight
And if you don’t know – you wouldn’t understand anyway – so let it be – let it go
I guess that is all I have to say for tonight – but I know my pen will not sleep


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