For Dawson

I bought a gilded gold picture frame with skeletal fish the day it snowed so bad
One dozen dollar store chocolate covered cherries and I feel so good and I feel so bad
My new blue sweater catches each falling snowflake – his jokes fall too – it isn’t the same
Hollow and hungry aren’t always the same thing – but sometimes they feel the same

Sometimes we look for answers where there are none – tenacious – we need to know
My father gave me curiosity – my mother gave me tenacity – this much I know
The dollar store by the old theater is a great place to leave the things that trouble you
Sometimes in the toy aisle – sometimes with the corn chips – they won’t even charge you

The snow has done its magical best tonight to paralyze the city who loves it best
My lovely cat licks white lumps from between the treads of my shoe – she loves the best
Another night when the people who care are put to the test and they all pass
Art – and memories of another life – will endure all – everything else will pass

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