Incongruous and Irrelevant

Occasionally certain physical images from your past
Reappear right before your eyes without a warning
They are incongruous and irrelevant to current conditions

You are reminded that you changed with age
But that old image becomes a key
The key unlocks a box of thoughts – ideas – beliefs
These concepts that meant so much – to so few – so long ago

The images says that time has passed you by
Not at all like Taft said with his masterwork
You have passed nothing – you simply cast shadows
And now time has passed you by as well

Those old thoughts – ideas – beliefs
Have become irrelevant to who you are now
So you glare at the image with an unforgiving eye
You wish you had one more do-over in the books

You come up empty so the image sends you home
At home you feel right – justified – and just a little sad


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