Soap and Cigarettes

(All the interesting people are outside)

Soap and cigarettes and the smell opens my heart – but not my mind
My heart tries to stay open – my mind gives me trouble from time to time
Funny how this one hates your baby – probably your favorite baby

I can only forgive her because she took the time
It is far easier to hate what you don’t understand
And this one let the ambient sounds of the night fool her

I like her though
I like her plain hair cut
I like her whiny smile
I like that she is almost too thick
I like her honesty

She rewards honesty

She does have a lover
I do have my thoughts

I move silently – quickly away to a different place than here
The smell of soap and cigarettes intoxicates my wandering mind

I leave her to her life and love
Leaving me to my thoughts and words
Leaving nothing in the glass
Except a sip of honesty and an old joke


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