The Winter of Our Disconnect

I never cared much for that old song
I surely wasn’t going to live with it now
Not in the winter of our disconnect
The numbing chord progression percolates
Without even a trace of irony or humor

Laying on the cement floor listening
You understood heightened language
But even you knew when it was time to quit
I recently realized how much harmony was in you

Then the dark shards of our youth
Shredded the complacency of middle age

The stalagmite of unfinished dreams
Poked holes into our expectations for our future

When I looked up – I was alone

Then came the morning – the first morning of spring
It found us back at the table – back where we belong

Now I laugh a little louder
Now I push back a little harder
I am filled with love and understanding
I am home – now I am home
The sun is breaking through warming my core

The winter of our disconnect is behind us
New life springs with new love and new hope

I’ll hang my hat here – next to yours
It’s good to be home

 For Van on his 49th birthday…


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